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HiHo Dictionary!


The Lone Scanlator
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*William Tell Overture plays*

Welcome to Hiho_Dictionary! This community is still in its infancy, but one day I hope to make this a base for people who like scanlating manga but aren't affiliated with any of the large scanlation groups. :) Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, or if you'd like to use Hiho_Dictionary as a base! ^_^ Hiho_Dictionary is for any form of scanlation, but we're Yaoi/Yuri-friendly and both can be posted here.


Resident Translators

* lucyjin
Lucyjin likes horses, music, and pretty anime guys. xp Her scanlations are slow because she's a lone-wolf scanlator, but she does them with all the dedication she can squeeze out from between her horses, duties, and other fandom fun. ;)

Current Projects
Bucchou Baby - Light Yaoi by Uida Shiuko

Completed Projects
Hako - Hard Yaoi by Matoh Sanami


* peony_pink
*profile-ette to be added* ^^

Current Projects
Jellybeans - Shoujo by Moyoco Anno


Simple Rules

- Be Nice.
If someone posts something you're not fond of, there's no point in going "OMG U SUX" at them, as all this will earn you is a community ban and a lack of friends. Just don't download any files that may not be to your taste. :)

- Memories/Tags!
If/when you complete a chapter or project, try and remember to put it in the memories, or add relevant tags to it. This will make it easier for people to find your stuff. ^^

- Have a place to upload stuff.
Whether you have large-scale hosting of your own, use a free host or just use MegaUpload / YouSendIt, you'll need a way for people to download your scanlations. ;) The former is probably the most reliable, but the second option is OK. The quick-uploaders are good too, but the files can expire. o_o


So welcome along, and feel free to provide any raws you may want scanlated! :D

Nota Bene:

1- The Images in the layout are Copyright to George Trendle and Kodansha respectively.

2- All manga scanned is property of its respective artists and publishing houses.

3- Yes, my scans sometimes have grey marks on the edge. Much as I want to share my stuff with the world, I won't break my book spines if I can avoid it. ;)