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Ten-Ryu Licensed! D:

Since I have people watching the community now (*waves happily to honourable watchers ^^/*), I should probably do a little updating from time to time. :p

Unfortunately, this isn't the happiest update; Ten-Ryu, (Matoh Sanami's Fantasy/Adventure title) has been licensed by CMX Manga, and as a result I will not be scanlating it. ;_; *sniff*

Even though I have to drop it though, I have to give it a strong recommendation if you want a new title to buy. It's only 6 volumes long (so very easily collected), and has great comedy, fantasy, action and romantic elements. And Dragons! ;)

Because of this, the next release planned is Chapter/Story #1 of Uida Shiuko's Bucchou Baby; the translation's been done for a while, but the scanning/text editing is still to be done.

Stay tuned! ;)
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